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3A Composites USA Decorates Their New Showroom and Corporate Offices

When you make graphics materials, there’s no limit on the graphics to decorate your offices.

ACI Design, Inc. is hired to create new graphics using 3A Composites graphics and structural materials to dress up their showroom and offices.

Phase One: Create and install office images that showed their products used in final projects.

3A Composites asked us to use a new faux wood finished DiBond ACM material to create a unique image frame for printed portfolio images. Two were needed for each of the 19 offices.

Both vertical and horizontal frames were created. The DiBond was CNC routed and kerfed (grooved) to accommodate the images.

Our criteria was the images needed to be easily updated without making new mounts. After the mounts were cut we then rolled them and bent sides to create a channel for the graphic.

The final product was mounted to the office walls with decorative aluminum standoffs.

Phase Two: Create a 3D wall map of their world wide locations.

3A Composites produces multiple foam board products for graphics applications, FOME-COR BOARDâ„¢, VALUBOARD, ACID-FREE, SELF-ADESIVE, HEAT ACTIVATED, JETMOUNT, FOAM-X RECOVERY, CANVAS BOARD AND FOAM-X PRO.

Our task for 3A Composites was to use as many different materials and a three dimensional presentation of a world map that displayed their worldwide locations.

The overall presentation was 96″ x 48″ and mounted to a common Sintra base layer and built in square tiles of the different foam board materials.


Phase Three: Decorate the main showroom wall with a dimensional presentation of their popular graphics products.

This wall was 23 feet wide and 9 feet tall. Materials use for this project were DiBond, Sintra, Fome-Cor, and Gator.

The wedge shaped shadow box not only narrowed horizontally, but also got thinner as you moved to the right of the presentation. Inside of that is another rectangular shadow box to showcase graphics presentations of their products.

Within the rectangular showcase are false panels with a hole pattern that lets an LED light source shine through.

Behind the facade are custom made mounting studs produced from flat sheets of DiBond that were CNC’d and kerfed so they could be bent into studs and supports.

The face panels of the wedge are direct printed Gator that can be changed and updated with future graphics and materials.

Phase Four: Dress up a 42 foot wall with a showcase of projects that used their materials.

3A Composites has a huge archive of projects done by their customer base and wanted to show examples by product. The method needed to be flexible for future updates.

We used earth magnets to hold all components onto the wall.

In all there were over 800 components to create the montage.


Phase Five: Create two LED back lit logo signs for their lobby entrance using DiBond.

This was accomplished by creating a box with a lid approach. The inner box was all white and CNC’d to shape, scored and folded to create a cavity for the LED lights.

There exterior shell was produced with the same method but oversized to slip over the base mount and lights.

This lit portion of the logo is translucent white plex.

The final result is a clean back lit presentation of their logo.









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