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Now That’s a Demo!

Huber Engineered Woods asks ACI Design to produce a running water demonstration of their waterproof roofing products.

Zip System sheathing boards are coated to resist water. Combined with the seam tape it eliminates the need for roof felt, which saves labor and materials by roughly 40 percent.

For their trade show, ACI Design produced a product kiosk with continually running water to simulate real world conditions that occur in rain, extreme thunderstorms, and hurricane conditions.

The main structure framework is created from matte anodized aluminum profiles that cam lock together for quick assembly and disassembly at trade shows.

Face panels are printed plastic panels for their display graphics.

A catch basin is hidden inside to catch and return the water to the pump. The water feeds up to an overhead perforated pipe to shower the exposed Zip System sheathing with water.

Walk-On Demo

Additionally, the rubber like coating has a safety benefit that makes it safer for roofers to walk up on. ACI Design created a 30-degree pitched walk-on roof demo to highlight the safety aspects of their product.

Advantech Ad Campaign in 3 Dimension

Huber Engineered Woods also produces Advantech, a flooring squeak-free sub floor product for homes.

ACI Design was asked to create a kiosk and produce a 3D version of their current ad campaign showing the layers of construction using Advantech and a mannequin to imitate the model used in their ads.

The graphics reinforced the ad campaign and was brought to life with a double-sided LED light box display.

The base was layered to show joists, Advantech, and the wood flooring.